Credit Advice

We empower clients with our extensive credit knowledge, access to a wide range of credit providers
and exceptional negotiating skills to deliver a great result.

Property Advice

We believe clients should have support and professional advice that is affordable when purchasing real property.
Not everyone can afford the services of a Buyers’ Agent.

Our complimentary Buyers’ Agent Service, includes any or all of:

  • Searching for a house to call your home
  • Inspecting and appraising real property
  • Negotiating with real estate agents
  • Bidding at auctions
  • Liaising with your solicitors

At Complete Lending Solutions & QED Realty we are passionate about our profession
and exceeding your customer service expectations.


We respond to enquiries promptly and efficiently.

Meet & Discuss

We collaborate with our clients to define their credit and property needs and the products and services we deliver. This enables us to be responsive, solve problems quickly, and capitalise on opportunities.

Analyse & Strategise

We excel at dealing with the difficult aspects of our work, including negotiating with lenders and real estate agents, to secure an outstanding result with the minimum inconvenience to you. It’s all part of the service.


Our care factor sets us apart from other service providers. You might not always like what we have to say, but our advice and direction provided is based on objective and independent perspective.

Manage & Apply

We place a high priority in keeping you informed at all times, from enquiry through to application, negotiations, purchase to settlement and beyond.

We are a 100% privately owned premium brokerage.

Another reason why we never cut corners or serve prefabricated solutions – we have to,
because it is in the best interest of our clients.